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Yes, I love it! But 1) that eagle sounded real enough to wake my cat Coco up, lol. And 2) HOW did they achieve such perfect roundness of the Afro? I mean, her ish is round and glorious, how that happen??











Afro Sheen Ad 6 (by randimay21)

Her natural is perfect.

ok, i’m all O_O because this is the first time i’ve seen kinky - not curly! - hair being washed, touched, and styled in a hair care product commercial. even black hair care products nowadays don’t show kinky hair. woooooowwwwwwww……… :”D

OMG! Showing a Black woman with naptural hair caring for it with products that are not about trying to hide its real texture!  I was watching a bit of the Wen informercial.  And of course they had a Black woman on there and showed how the Wen cleansing conditioner made her hair look basically like bi-racial hair.  If that wasn’t bad enough, they had a Latino hairdresser that called her “before” hair “nappy” and didn’t mean it in a good way.  I was done.  I won’t ever be buying any Wen.  AND the sista in this ad is darkskinned and is treated as someone who is loved and lovable!  We did MUCH better with representations of Blackness in the early 1970s than now.

 zorascreation: THIS IS LIFE.

i live.

love it.

^^^^^Pay attn, y’all. All my curly-haired sisters… have a seat.

*hugs my naps*

I smiled watching this whole thing

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    i love this commercial!!
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    Yes The Hawk!! Thanks to my granny, I say it all the time. “The wind is whippin’. That hawk is out!” That woman’s fro is...
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    These comments… but the advert is AWESOME
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    THIS: “All my curly-haired sisters… have a seat.” yep.
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    afro sheeeeennnn *youtubing more videos now* this is so refreshing/awesome to see lovely Black people with afros and...
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    God. I’ve been waiting. Waiting for people to start pointing out where the “natural” movement is a lie. It’s only good...
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    omg. freaking out over this.
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    LOOOOOOVE!!! (except i’ma be singin, “use afro sheeeeeee-eee-eeeen” for the next 3 days…)
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    Yes, I love it! But 1) that eagle sounded real enough to wake my cat Coco up, lol. And 2) HOW did they achieve such...
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    yo. her afro was on point.
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